What about the Next Generation?

So here's the problem... Video game generations last about 5 years. The current generation began 9/9/1999 with the release of the Sega Dreamcast and that means we're actually over-due for new machines to start coming out.

The hand-held side of things seems to be ramping up. Nintendo has already released its $150 Dual Screen ("Nintendo DS") and Sony is resonding in kind on March 24th, 2005 with the release of its own ($250) hand-held the PSP (Play Station Portable).

At some point I expect to list the DS and the PSP (probably once I get a chance to try the PSP, I've already played a DS.) I don't like to speak about things until I have first hand experience, there's enough rumor mongering on the Internet as it is. :^)

While everyone is eagerly awaiting news from Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony regarding their new machines (code named "Next Xbox", "Revolution" and "Playstation 3" respectively) there has been no official information released regarding them. As soon as there are firm prices and release dates (there aren't even any pictures yet!) I'll set up sections for these machines.