Nintendo Gameboy Color

Name: Gameboy Color
Made By: Nintendo
Price: $39.99
Includes: System Only
What It Is:

Remember when I say this that the computer industry changes, dramatically, every twelve to eighteen months. OK? The Gameboy Color has been around in one form or another since 1989. That's THIRTEEN YEARS. It's the work-horse of the gaming industry selling literally hundreds of millions of units worldwide (I think initially because of Tetris)

The original Gameboy was light grey in color, had a black and white screen (actually it was more black and green) and was capable of displaying 256 shades of grey. The Gameboy color came on the scene a number of years later, played all the old games plus new games designed to display in color.

Now you have the Gameboy Advance as well which plays all the original black and white GB games plus all the newer GBC games in full color.

So what should I buy?

To be frank, other than cost there is no reason to purchase a Gameboy Color brand new. Spend the extra money and get a Gameboy Advance instead. Yes there are issues with lighting, but everything still looks better on it than it does on the smaller Gameboy Color screen. Plus you can play all the new games as well.

Honest, you'll be much happier.